Episode 39

May 04, 2023


Equine and Canine First Aid with Kelsey Wood-Steppler

Hosted by

Carollyne Kehler Shelby Stewart
Equine and Canine First Aid with Kelsey Wood-Steppler
Ride Like a Mother
Equine and Canine First Aid with Kelsey Wood-Steppler

May 04 2023 | 00:26:07


Show Notes

Horses are like kids. Just when you think everything is going smoothly they throw a curve ball at you. and more times than not that comes in the form of an unexpected injury or illness. It’s inevitable.

Knowing how to handle those dumb situations our horses get into AND keep your cool can save you so much time and stress (for the horse and for you)!

On today’s episode we interviewed an expert on Equine First Aid, Kelsey Wood-Steppler from The Wood Ridge Ranch. She talked us through strategies for dealing with these emergency situations.

Now she’ll be the first to tell you that preparation is the first key to equine and canine first aid which is why she generously shared what’s in her own First Aid kit. You’ll find the full list below. And it is GOLD.

During this episode she also gave us tons of tips and tactical strategies for when disaster strikes. Perfect for us horse moms, dog moms or kid moms that accept that accidents happen and want to feel prepared and ready to take action when disaster strikes.

Kelsey is a Certified Instructor with Equi-Health Canada and Canine Health Canada. She offers regular first aid courses throughout Manitoba. You can find upcoming dates on her website.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kelseywoodsteppler/

INSTAGRAM: @thewoodridgeranch

WEBSITE: https://thewoodridgeranch.com/


  • First Aid Kit

  • non stick 4x4 pads

  • gauze rolls

  • cotton batting rolls

  • vetwrap

  • duct tape

  • 911 paste

  • diapers

  • epsom salt

  • electrolytes ** forgot this one

  • razor

  • rope

  • raw honey

  • polo wraps

  • latex gloves

  • betadine

  • thermometer

  • stethoscope

  • soft tape measure

  • vitals card

  • weed sprayer


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