Episode 8

April 28, 2022


Healthy Tips for Busy Moms & Riders

Hosted by

Carollyne Kehler Shelby Stewart
Healthy Tips for Busy Moms & Riders
Ride Like a Mother
Healthy Tips for Busy Moms & Riders

Apr 28 2022 | 00:44:09


Show Notes

Do you want to be the "fun mom"? YA I do!

Not just that, I also want to be a competitive rider annnd bring home some bacon. That just ain't possible if I'm glued to the couch with no energy which I have been. And that is why this episode is close to our heart's!

In this episode we talk about what strategies we've implemented to increase our energy and organize our lives so we can fit in our healthy habits. We aren't perfect. We don't have it all figured out but we're learning and improving as we go. And we're here to share what we've learned.

We cover everything from how to ditch those 'bag of wagon wheel's before bed' problem to solving the issue of the soggy cooler food on the way home from the jackpot.

If you know you need to make some changes but you just don't know where to start.... start here with this episode. Let us be a couple of goofy voices giving you an outside perspective and hopefully a little inspiration to keep making those healthy choices. So many people have been that same voice of encouragement in our ear, We're happy to spread our wealth of knowledge that we have learned to all of you!!

And now let's go Ride Like a Mother... a mother that's full of energy, strong and powerful!


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