Episode 23

August 25, 2022


Finals Prep: Fitness tips with Carrie Plett

Hosted by

Carollyne Kehler Shelby Stewart
Finals Prep: Fitness tips with Carrie Plett
Ride Like a Mother
Finals Prep: Fitness tips with Carrie Plett

Aug 25 2022 | 00:27:57


Show Notes

It's the end of the Barrel Racing season around here and everyone is preparing to compete at finals!! On this episode Carrie Plett, fitness coach and barrel racer, gives us tips on getting and staying fit. Not just for us but for our horses. 

If you want to follow someone that is consistently working on her personal fitness, her horses fitness and encouraging her 4 competitive kids, this is your gal. She is strong, steady and always has a ranchy metaphor to explain her perspectives on rodeo life. Her and her 4 kids compete at Jackpots, Heartland Rodeo's, MRCA and CCA rodeos throughout the year and she's been a fitness coach for 4 years. 

That's why we knew we needed to hear her answers to these questions:

  • Do you think you need to workout in addition to horseback riding? Or is riding enough physical activity?
  • What are the benefits of good physical fitness routine for yourself and your horse?
  • Top tips for keeping up an active lifestyle?
  • Best advice for keeping a strong and positive mindset as you compete?
  • Strategies for fitness and riding prep as you go into finals or a big competition? 

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