Episode 4

March 31, 2022


Let's Talk Hydration for better Health and more Energy

Hosted by

Carollyne Kehler Shelby Stewart
Let's Talk Hydration for better Health and more Energy
Ride Like a Mother
Let's Talk Hydration for better Health and more Energy

Mar 31 2022 | 00:34:50


Show Notes

When you're considering the health of your horse, your kids or yourself, hydration is the first place to start. It's the most foundational health strategy there is.

Without water we can't think properly, can't get the nutrition from our food, the function of our heart and lungs are restricted, our muscles can't move properly, our nerves and impulses are impacted. Basically, being dehydrated makes everything harder: your horse can't perform, your kids can't be their happy selves and you will have less energy. Not fun for anyone!

In today's episode we're talking about:
~ Benefits of being well hydrated (which is more than just the amount of water you drink)
~ Preventing dehydration
~ Defining some important terms
~ Tips and hacks to make getting hydrated easier

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